Planning to have an outstanding and UNIQUE photo prints?

No worries, LOL Photobooth provides a specially designed photo layout according to your event theme and requirements,
and most importantly the design belongs to you only!


Sample Of Design For 4R (4″ x 6″)


4R Photo Layout Design


Need something even more extraordinary? Try the magazine style!


4R Photo Layout 2


Sample Of Design For Photo Strip (2″ x 6″)

Photo Strip Layout Design


In LOL Photobooth, there is NO LIMITATIONS for the photo layout design!

You can have few pictures, positioned in any way you want in a single photo printout.
If that is still not perfect enough for you, we can even design and add in any extra elements to suit your event theme.
For example, we can add in your company logo, wedding couple photo, wordings and any other elements that you can think of!


Wanna impress your guests with your unique gift in your next event?

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